Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vanson Leathers

Took a ride to Vanson Leathers in Fall River Massachusetts yesterday to see if they could repair some zippers on my old jacket and maybe even pick up some new leather. They've changed the showroom around since the last time I was there, but it's still an awesome place to visit. There weren't any other customers there, so I got a lot of individual attention on picking out a new jacket and getting it fit just right. It was also great to see Mike Van Der Sleesen, the president and owner of Vanson, there walking around and moving things around the showroom. He was a very down to earth guy. They also took the time to pull out some really cool custom race leathers to show me. Talk about and incredible pieces of art!! You almost wouldn't want to race in them!!

It's a great ride down there, and really cool to check out where they've been making some of the best leather suits and jackets in the motorcycle industry. Check out their page and history here for a great read, and some really great products!

Tyler and Kyle representing
(There was a cool poster on the wall of Tyler at Bonneville in his Vanson suit, but I forgot to get a pic)

Patterns hanging up (and still used)

Paul, I found your old leathers!

My pile of jackets at the register


  1. good stuff danny, been dreaming about new leathers myself....

  2. I'd stab a bum for those leathers, Dan!

  3. The next open house is in the fall sometime. We should all plan on hitting it up. Seeing the equipment upstairs and meeting the workers that make everything is pretty cool. It's nice to see the stages of an item from start to finish, and all the hands that go into making it.