Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Not original... not fancy... but it is exactly what I wanted.

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  1. Well done, is my gold tank under there?

  2. Now you need to get a t-shirt that explains what that means, because everyone will be asking you.
    Nice job...is the fender done similarly?

  3. 'Huh huh...what's 79? Is that, like, a 69 with 10 more or somethin'? Huh huh. Duuuude....'

  4. Or maybe, 'Yeah, 79...like when those gay stripes were hip.'

  5. Looks good Jay!

    So is your bike from 1979 or sumthin?

  6. HG, your gold tank is safe and sound, untouched.

    Big P, front and rear fender are straight up gloss black. T-shirts will be handed out to everyone in the 50wtlve crew to expain it to innocent bystanders.

    Capn', I like the "like when those gay stripes were hip". I may have to borrow that and compensate you accordingly.

    Dan the man, my bike is from "the hands of '79", and yet is actually an '81. I know your question wasn't serious, you're smarter than that.