Friday, April 15, 2011

SuperB-ly prepped Super B

By Bones @ Connecticut Performance.
Can't wait to bolt this gem on.
Thunderjets are for drag racing, you might say...but what Bones does is set up the air bleeds so that TJet acts more like your main jet, so you can make your main jet smaller, thus smoothifying your I forget exactly, but it'll be good juju.


  1. Smoothifying is a word?

    (Verification word: Bummilly...stop giggling)

  2. I thought it was, but Karen called me on it when playing Scrabble.

  3. Cool stuff Senor Benway! I've seen it done on E's but, not a B yet.Cant wait to see how it works. Hopefully this is a lot more betterer than your other ventures with the crabs!

  4. "A lot more bettered?" guys and your English.

    Don't you know it's, "Way more betterer?"