Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Since trying to reinforce my oil tank doesn't make for interesting pics, my contribution is stolen shots from the web.
from Satan's Crate, Bobby Boyars must have been really high.
I sold this for $180 this week.
nomads cycles, can you Brit guys explain this?
Forgot where I found it, love the mids.

above the wheels, I think this bike would suit the wizard looking guy with a purple fetish.


  1. 1960/1 tiger 100A (T350) only two years of unit construction with intake driven mag i think.

  2. That longbike is boss!!
    The Club bike looks like an old pic, if so, those mids are way ahead of their time.

  3. the club bike is so frisco it hurts. vans weren't even a twinkle in their mamma's eye when that was built. i think i might have a ER issue with that bike in it.