Monday, May 31, 2010

little bird's last ride

the other day i was working in the shop when a bird flew in the door.  it immediately flew up into the rafters and just hid every time i tried to shoo it away.  it was pretty obvious to me at this point that birds have no concept of a world where they can't just keep going up.  i left all my doors open for the better part of the day and shut the lights off hoping that it would see the way out.  by the early evening it seemed to finally have figured it out, so i closed up shop before anything else found its way in there.  this morning i opened the door to this.  apparently he wanted to go for one last ride....


  1. Becca, my resident bird expert, informs me that was a Yellow Warbler. She then played its song from a collection of bird sounds she keeps (no need to mock - she acknowledges it).

    Josh - your story brought a tear to my eyes. Now I'm too choked up to eat chicken for dinner or even think about riding again.

  2. oh, so it appears the little guy is a little gal. she probably has eggs in a nest somewhere. dammit scott!!!