Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Always something...

(not actual wire)
Set off this morning to meet up with The Pentagram man, the Good Cap'n and The Puppy Smasher, all going well for 45 minutes or so, all of sudden no power. Started looking for what it could be, checked "everything", started removing wires from the key switch, cut my tailight wires( you know, for good measure), still nothing. Finally after a half hour or so found my coil power wire melted to my exhaust, I guess it gives me a reason to use my fancy cloth wire.

(not actual guys)

Sidenote, 2 guys from the Electric Company stopped to give a hand, stayed for a good twenty minutes to make sure I didn't need a tow or anything. Even gave me a roll of electrical tape, nice to know theres still some good people.


  1. We've already decided....

    You get a full "Herb Tech Inspection" before every ride from now on. Paul's got the wheels, Bob has brakes and linkages, and I'm taking electrical.

    We missed your sarcasm today mang. Glad you got it sorted out.

  2. I was wishing I had a mag. Any pics from what I missed?

  3. The usual; pancakes, Bob on a Bavarian land yacht, and yurts.


  4. Glad I at least made it in the rear view pic!

  5. HG, I'm convinced you enjoy breaking down so much that you sabotage your bikes.

  6. Herb and the karmic breakdown wheel.

    Story I: Herb was kind enough to "fix" my shitty Jeg's Model A headlight en route to the Cape last year with nothing more than gritty determination and electrical tape. The repair was rock solid. Nearly a year later, I removed the lovingly applied tape to replace the bulb, only to replace it with tape of my own. I'm sure it won't hold up as well.

    Story II: I forgot that engines need gas and ran mine dry. Around the time I realized this, I also realized that you need to return the petcock to "on" for maximum effect. No problem - Herb drained gas from his tiny tank into a coffee cup I swiped from a nearby bodyshop, poured this carbon rich goodwill into my tank and saved the day yet again.

    Someone's got to explain the yurt.

  7. "Someone's got to explain the yurt."

    If I have to explain...you wouldn't understand.

  8. it just makes me smile when reading your blog. lotz of helpfull people..

    greatings from denmark