Thursday, April 8, 2010

Someone else's Pan

I feel obligated to post something of substance. Plus, the silence is killing me. This isn't my bike. I don't know whose bike this is, and I can't remember where I swiped the photo. All I know about the photo is that it's a pretty close match to one that's taken up space in my head for about three decades.

Step back to 1980 or so. I was 10 or 11 and stuck in the kiddie ward at Lowell General Hospital. I had just been diagnosed with diabetes, but I was too young to appreciate what that meant. What mattered was that I was stuck in the hospital with nothing to do.

Some family friend or neighbor must have known about my propensity for all things greasy, and brought me a stack of car and bike magazines. One of them was some chopper magazine, but I don't remember its title. There was this very basic chopper featured that had me transfixed for days and days, though I didn't know anything about Harleys - stock or otherwise. It was a lot more fun to stare at an article for days than to look around a hospital floor. I remember the layout of the article.

The bike from three decades ago had a solid black tank and non-sprung seat. Besides that, it's pretty much a dead ringer.


  1. Tasty. Looks like the pipes might be stainless too...

  2. ha, pipes were the first thing i noticed too!

    yeah, that scoot is pretty rad all around.

  3. Sweet bike! I work at LGH and noticed the post. Makes me wonder if it is a good thing that instead of reading chopper mags now, the kids have fully interactive video, games and movies on demand :-)


  4. I dig the simplicity. I really hate those cheap ass ultima looking solo seats though.

  5. The first two things I noticed were the butt-ugly seat and the drum brake on the wide forks. The front end is just plain right.

  6. I've had that picture on my hard drive for quite a while. Couldn't tell you who's pan it is. I think I nabbed it from the J.J.