Friday, April 23, 2010

Boy, did I mess this thing up.

May 2008; shovel as I bought it. EDR '08 instilled an irresistible shovel lust.
The bike was loosely assembled at best; shocks with no nuts on the studs, bottom triple tree installed upside down from the top, with the top tree holding the bars set on top of that...
Little did I know what S&S stroker goodies lay within the motor...or what time-bomb shite Taiwanese gears were lurking in the trans.


  1. At least you saved it from going to those yellow skinned demons.

  2. Is that the Mantis, pre-bug style?!

  3. Sure is, uncut & uncensored...but with about 50 lbs. of Bondo.

  4. That driver's seat sure looks comfy!