Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thanks Jay(NY)

I stole this from NY Jay, I believe it will work as a hinge on my '72, notice I made sure to use 2 different fasteners to stay in character, plus it says 72.

'72 looking confused


  1. ha, i thought you were full of shit. that's awesome, prepare for a run on klr250 rocker arms on ebay!

    put that stamp on the banner, or email it to me so i can.

  2. Great use of Jay's rocker. Stamp is cool too. A little smaller would be radsticles

  3. That looks neat. You got enough meat in that pan to hold it tight?

    Photo stamp cool too.

  4. I don't think Herb's narrow ass will tax that hinge much.
    Besides, it would be very Herb-esque to be ridng an untethered seat pan halfway through a run.

  5. as i remember it herb's seat doesn't even move, unless this is part of a new plan....

  6. I can't believe you put that hing down long enough to make something out of it!

    Looks pretty nice, and the edge of the seat cover sits nicely into the groove on the cam follower.

  7. It most likely will rip off at an inopportune time and you guys will have to wait a few hours on the side of a tick infested highway.

    My seat may not move but it has neat looking springs