Tuesday, January 8, 2013

decisions decisions....


  1. i'm working on a plan that lands me bonneville speed week for a few days this august. the current plan includes some time in the rockies, the tetons, the black hills, the badlands (though is unfortunately is timed during sturgis) and a view of each great lake. 6k miles, 21 days, 0 posers.

    1. Make sure you time it to get to the black hills before or after Sturgis. Sooooo much amazing riding in those parts! Are you trying to decide on which bike to buy too, or do you already have both??? Triumph = more power, less money, and the ride is near perfect. Guzzi = Slow and pricey.

  2. So is that the Ancient Power tour schedule for the end of the summer?

    That's awesome. I need to get a job at your work. Need an assistant?