Wednesday, December 26, 2012


in case you were wondering you can now buy all your outlaw chopper fashion supplies at a mall store near you:


  1. How convenient! Remember the old days and how difficult it was to shop all over town for your bass-ass outfits. One stop shopping rules. I'm going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond right afterwards.

  2. XS for Xtra Small, or is that XS650?

    Like tattoos, music, choppas and I assume hawt rods; eventually you will see whatever you're into get completely ruined by a new generation of douchebags. Forge ahead; do what thou wilt.

  3. Hell yes! Now I can get my Moon Eyes t-shirt, skinny jeans at the GAP, a pair of skate shoes for riding, and a Cinnabon all at the same time!

    I'm gonna start rocking a kilt while riding this season. Me = 1, Hipsters = 0.