Sunday, September 16, 2012

Check out this brain teaser.

Alright, after a damp GR6 I parked the shovel pending some maintenance. I pulled the kicker cover to check a noise out and ended up replacing the kicker gear while I was in there. No other weirdness was found, throwout bearing was in good shape so back together it went.
Upon reassembly, I find the clutch won't disengage. Clutch pushrod works fine, throws the pressure plate out nicely, but with clutch pedal down the kicker still turns the motor over. Naturally I think I screwed reassembly up, "last thing you did" and all that so apart it came. Twice. No joy.

Out of ideas, I decide check out the clutch side of things...and this is what I found. Several plates stuck together by some sort of unholy invincible chemical/mechanical bond.
stuck were they? Enough to stall a shovel when dropped into 1st.

They pried apart okay and will work for now but I think I'll be ordering up a new set of plates this week...


  1. So the clutch worked with them stuck together, before you took it apart?

  2. No...I think the plates sat and fused together after I parked it.
    I think there was some nasty crap in that red clay must at the campground, left some awful stains on bare aluminum; my steels were fairly pitted too where they stuck together so that's my story.