Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stock but slammed.

Dayum. This thing is pretty much stock (looks like had some seat work done to lower the profile) but has the low-slung stance of a no-nonsense hot rod. Such a Nice! looking bike. Low Rider, indeed...I've got to find me one of those 2 into 1 setups.

At least I know what I can do if I get bored and want to redo the FXS...

unashamedly stolen from http://nicemc.com/


  1. I like it a lot, most of stock stuff aside. I wonder if those are 11" shocks.

  2. I have 11.5s on the FX now, and it's nowhere near as low as that bike appears.

  3. i'm surprised it's not getting pulled over by that air cleaner.