Friday, March 30, 2012

Swap Meet Sunday April 1st

I know it's scary up here in NH what with all the concealed weapons and state line booze, but myself and 50 Wt. affiliate Jason Pan-top will be rummaging through the junky trunks in Concord this Sunday, should you be so inclined. You're a daisy if you do!

April 1 (Sunday) 31st Annual Milford & Co. Flea Market
Everett Arena, 15 Loudon Road (Exit 14 off Rte 93, then go east 200 Yards) Concord, New Hampshire 03301
General admission $8.00

Pic stolen from Grail without so much as a how-do-you-do


  1. Hmmm, maybe since I'm not joining a crew to go snowbirding.

  2. I will be going where Jay is not, I think Stafford is this sunday as well.