Sunday, June 26, 2011

Attention: Grabber

A stroke of luck cleared my Saturday at the last minute; a shot to Paul's and braking history was made. Nissin 4 pot RC51 caliper mated to Brembo (Ducati take-off) radial master attached to '78 FLH.

A sheet of 1/4" aluminum was cut down to a rough bracket and axle center drilled.

Paul fabbed up top hat shaped sleeve for the old 5/8" banana pin hole.

Paul's neighbor Perley came through big by shaving off .105" from the caliper mounts.

After fitting and refitting umpteen times, we're down to nibbling in place for max pad contact.

Finally, we're done. Added master cylinder and that baby has the kung-fu grip.


  1. If we only had time for speed holes!!L

  2. Right on fellas. The only thing I fabricated yesterday was a Hungry Man dinner. Excellent work!

  3. After a nice evening shakedown, this brake surely does its job.