Friday, October 15, 2010

Africa on a KTM part 2

In my friend Gregg's words.

"I was on an 8 day riding tour of morrocco with some buddies of mine - we have done similar trips down to baja - this time on wonderful KTM 450s - on day three i was hauling ass after an afternoon learning how to ride sand dunes. - i was trying to push my speed a bit and was doing well - moving at about 50mph across a wide open rocky desert plane - hit a small grass bush and it pushed me off my line - before i could correct i ran into a large rock which was pitched forward as well as being deeply seated in the ground. it stopped the bike - tossed me - the bike then sort of snapped sideways and the tail of the bike swung up into the air and the bike went over my head as I did my superman impression thru the air. I ground into the hard pack - elbow first followed by my face - thankfully the bike landed some distance away. god bless my friend is a doctor and he was riding behind me with a full medical kit on his back. 20 hours of driving later. yes 20 hours of driving from Efroud to Ouarzazate and then over the Atlas Mtns - without pain meds as my lower arm floated around - I got to marrakech where they operated - trussing my elbow back together with an artists touch. its like nothing i have ever experienced. i cant describe the overall effect, but it moved me to my very core. i was very lucky to get away with just my elbow being blasted. jesus hates a pussy."

Gregg, I applaud you my friend. I'm glad you made it home safe.

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  1. that sucks, but at least it's a cool story!!!